Mequon-Thiensville School District

Attendance Office
(262) 238-5620


Parents, not students, are required to call the Attendance Office: 262-238-5620, about all absences, prior to the absence.  This can be done days in advance.  Please give the following information:

  ID #
  Reason for the absence
  Time leaving and/or returning
Who is driving

Students must pick up a “Leave School Pass” prior to leaving school.

Students cannot leave school without a parent’s call to the Attendance Office giving them
             permission to leave.  They must give an excusable reason why they are leaving.

Students must check in with the Attendance Office no matter what time they return. 

Students are not allowed to have other students drive them home or to an appointment
            during the school day.  Only with prior verbal permission to the Attendance
Office from both students’ parents, can students drive together.

Due to the fact that the district provides bus service for students, absences related to
            vehicle problems will be carefully reviewed by the grade level principal. In
            general, students will be allowed a vehicle related absence or tardy once per
            semester. Oversleeping will remain as an unexcused absence for the school
            time missed.


A Planned Absence Form should be on file in the Attendance Office 24 hours before any
full day absence.  This form can be found on the counter in the Attendance Office
at all times.


Unexcused absences can result in consequences including detentions, no credit for classroom assignments and tests missed on the day of the absence, loss of the opportunity to earn exam exemptions and referral to the police department and/or court system for truancy.  Missing 20 minutes or more from a class is considered an absence.


All unexcused absences (full day or single periods) need to be cleared up by the 20th day of the next month by parents or a staff member.  Detentions will be assigned for any unexcused absence/s that are not cleared by the 20th of the next month.

Failure to be on time without a legitimate pass from a staff member will result in consequences which begin with warnings and/or detention time assigned by teachers and staff .  You will be considered tardy if you miss anytime up to 19 minutes of a class.   If you have a chronic tardy record of more than 5 total unexcused tardies in a semester from all classes and study hall combined you will not be eligible to exempt any exams that semester.