Mequon-Thiensville School District

Development of HHS Mission Statement

To clarify our purpose, narrow our focus, and chart our progress as a school beginning its second
fifty years of existence, Homestead administrators and faculty members met periodically over
the first three months of the 2010-2011 school year to craft a new mission statement for our
school. Working with our new mission in mind, we aspire to build on the history of excellence
that has defined Homestead High School for this past half-century.

The mission of Homestead High School is to equip all students with transferrable skills, promote
academic independence, foster social responsibility and inspire a passion for learning. Each
word and phase of the mission was chosen with great care and consideration, trying to
encompass our primary aspirations for faculty and students alike. It encompasses our common
commitments within a single classroom, throughout a department, and across the school. At
the same time, it reframes the scope of our academic work, adding an emphasis on postsecondary
readiness for all of our graduates. Understanding that personal development is as
essential as academic, the mission challenges all of us, students and adults, to understand
ourselves and our possible contributions to our school and larger community. Finally, the
mission is a challenge to create and engage in learning experiences that tap the innate desire to
learn that each student possesses.

Thank you to the following faculty members who served on the Mission Statement Team:

  Brett Bowers, Principal
  Brook Brown, Social Studies Department Chair
  Margaret Bussone, World Languages Department Chair
  Angie Cicero, English Teacher
  Rick Hubbell, Science Teacher
  Krista Lesiecki, Math Teacher
  Nancy LaKam, Guidance Counselor
  Ellen McKay, Special Education Teacher
  Ernie Millard, Academic Success Center Teacher
  Amy Monroe, Associate Principal
  Kelly Murray, Health Education Teacher
  Scott Nettesheim, Computer Science & Math Teacher
  Robin Schlei, 6-12 Curriculum Coordinator, Gifted & Talented Coordinator
  Steve Sukawaty, Associate Principal