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Jac Donges
Have you ever wondered how Donges Bay got it's name? Well it's located on Donges Bay Road so it made sense to name it Donges Bay School. The real question is where did the term Donges Bay, originate?

History tells us that in 1842 Mr. Jacob Donges and his wife emigrated to Milwaukee from Germany. In 1860 they had a son, Jacob Jr. Jacob Jr. or Jac, as he preferred, grew up to become an entrepreneur businessman. His successful ventures included investment in Lake Michigan real estate. He owned several miles of lakeshore property north of Milwaukee along what would become known as Donges Bay. Some of the land was co-owned by Jac's friend, Fred Usinger, (founder of the Usinger Sausage Co.) and John Schuch who built Chalet on the Lake resort and restaurant. The restaurant overlooked the Bay until 1992 when it was razed to make room for further real estate development.

A portrait of Jac Donges is on display in the Donges Bay School IMC. Jac would be proud to know that the school bears his name and that his picture is there for all to see.

Research completed by Jean Jacobsohn


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