Homework Expectations for Fifth Grade

Homework is given daily Monday through Thursday in reading and/ or writing and math. There are occasional projects and tests to study for in the content areas of science and social studies. Most daily work in the content areas is completed in class. Sometimes students will have to complete unfinished work at home. Most of the time, homework is never given on the weekends or over holidays. An average student who is not behind in work should expect to do 30-60 minutes of homework on the average. This breaks down to approximately 20-30 minutes to complete a reading/writing assignment and  20-30 minutes to complete a math assignment.


Students are awarded stickers for good behavior, exceptional progress on important tests or quizzes and cooperative group behavior in class. After 20 stickers are earned, the student may trade their stickers in for a homework pass. "Free" stickers are awarded on special days like the celebration of a birthday or for a student who is chosen for VIP week. Homework passes can be saved for a convenient time. A homework pass may be used for a daily assignment in any homeroom subject area. Passes cannot be used on tests and projects.


Updated: 6/18/03 (mv)


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