Students in fifth grade study Life Science, Earth/Space Science and Physical Science.


First quarter the students study the unit "Microworlds" for Life Science. The resource is STC (Science and Technology for Children).


Second quarter the students study "Measuring Time" for Physical Science. Measuring Time is also an STC unit. Students study natural means of telling time. They also discuss advantages and disadvantages to using patterns found in nature to tell time. Afterwards, they discuss historical advances in technology, such as the sinking water clock and pendulums as a means of telling time. Finally, students are able to build and troubleshoot a clock escapement. Variables and the experimental process is emphasized. Students also are taught a health unit on Drug and Alcohol Prevention.


Third quarter the students study "Magnets and Motors" for Physical Science. This is also an STC unit.


Fourth quarter the students study the "Food Chemistry" which is a combination of Life and Physical Sciences. This is an interdisciplinary unit that emphasizes hands-on experiments and computer technology. We will take a field trip to Homestead's cafeteria to learn how they organize a nutritional food program for our district.


All science units contain hands-on experiments. The scientific method we use is PHEOC (Problem, Hypothesis, Experimental Procedure, Observations/Results and Conclusions).




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