Social Studies



In fifth grade, students learn about the 5 areas and 5 themes of social studies in an introductory unit entitled, "Why study social studies?"

Next, they go to a brief map and globe/ geography review.

Most of the fifth grade curriculum is American history. Students study the different theories on where and how the first people came to the Americas. They study specific Native American cultures from North and South America. The explorers of the Americas are studied next. We learn about the English, French and Spanish colonization of the Americas and how the English set up the original 13 colonies. The steps that led to the American Revolution is studied, as well as the actual Revolutionary War.

Separate and integrated units studied are economics, Mexico and Canada. 

The Social Studies textbook is We the People by Harcourt Brace. Projects, simulations, and plays are also used to study the content.


The Mequon-Thiensville site to learn more about the curriculum is

 Be sure to click on General Purpose Social Studies for good social studies websites.



Updated: 6/18/03 (mv) 

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